Saturday, April 13, 2019

10th April Wednesday Diary

1000 up   pills n pomo juice
Helped M get Donna in car, then M took her to Petxxx for grooming
Scooped patio, put my laundry away (shirts n shorts)
in bedroom, watched
 Armageddon  (uncut)
 The Enemy within
 ....... stomach upset
  Independence Day Resurgence
 alka seltzer and Ibupro for headache
din: chicken n wild rice
 TBBT reruns  


09 April Tuesday diary

0930 time for an MRi so
 up shower dressed
1030 M & me, in car
to Lib.PacificImaging
 drink lot of fluid...
 brain MRI, chest MRI, brain MRI  
  to 13:30
Office Depot for document copies
Jersey Mike's for sandwiches, 
home, eating
Nap in bedroom
1730 up
 watched "Battle LA"
then TBBT reruns from 1900 to 2230
  dinner franks n baked beans

08 April, monday diary

09:20 up to feed D
1120 up mail, pills,
 gather laundry
 M up 12:20
dark socks in wash
eat ham n cheese on pretzel bread
in bedroom , watched
"the martian"
"deep impact"
College basketball championship, Texas Tech vs VA
din: pot roast n coleslaw
watched "Armageddon"
put socks away


07 April, Sunday diary

1100  up, pills n E muffin
  TBBT reruns
 Gotham x 3
 VEEP 7:2
 din: chicken n rice
 more TBBT reruns
2300 bed

06 April Saturday diary

10:00  up, pills n coffee
 showered dressed
 took Stitch to WF to sort out a hold on his grey card.
 home then
 with Merry also in car, to
 Ross, get S a new back pack
 Walmart,  prescription and more
  99c store
 Smart n Final
 home 15:00
then watched
 TBBT rerun
 AP BIo x 2
 Fam x 2
 TKAA x 2
 WWDintheS x 1
dinner: no idea what
bed 2100

05 April Friday Diary

0830 up , fed animals, pills and toast, some bill pay
1015 car
1030 at LRMC
 she was being released, with chest pain probably due to inflammation of muscle in chest above the heart
1510 home, both of us
 and she was feeling well enough to go to LFMunch if I drove so

19:00 Merry, Stitch, and me in car...
 picked up E, her BFF ...
 dropped M and E at FR's, then Stitch and I went to the Hat...
returned to FR's, waited for the munching to conclude, then ... take E home, then home 23:30
Had to wait for the bed to be made...
01:15 bed.

4 April Thursday Diary

03:25 Sunshine woke me, said she was having chest pains. I took her to College Medical Center.
Stayed with her, through admission, and she was taken into a private room
06:50 home, fed animals, pills, 
0730 to 1230 sleep
 showered dressed, back to CMH
1515 home ... bill pay, relaxing on couch
1700 She called, told me to hurry over, she was being transferred to Lakewood RMC.
I hurried, the actual transfer did not begin until 1845
19:10 at LRMC, where she was settled into a room, with a neighbor and her 10 or 12 loud Spanish speaking visitors.
2040 departed
2102 home
munched on naan 
and watched
"Mom" "TBBT" "YS"
2300 bed