Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Numbers: January through September

Numbers January through September

           Mile    $Ga  #LPs  TPaper    Dog food Rec    Baby
Janua   1670
Febru   1236
March   1176
April       869   114    08   10th-9roll  26th:30lb
May        794   114    10    8th-6roll; 30th-9roll

June      1174   189    02  25th-9roll          7th: $47  12N
July        945  107.20 04   21st-12roll  24th:30#       6N
Aug        1002 144.69 08  24th-12roll                       0
sept        559    69.85 08       unk                            10N

Baby=BABYMAN, number of nights with us
Recyc= trip to recycle center with bags of cans, and amount received

30th-- September, Monday, diary

0505 up, dressed, coffee
out with Stitch,0520 take him to work 0540
0600 home, back to bed
0940 up BS 145, 10-N, coff, fill pill box, eat PB on choc graham crackers
Bill pay  ....  (1025)
to bedroom, nap
1115 up  dressed
car to Blood draw
1200 done, left
1205 home
Stock fridge with water n soda
Help Merry in shower
1400 leave to get Stitch
there 1425, S in car 1435
home 1450
Stitch, shower
1545 car with S & M
to Dr D by 1600
1700  S & M shown in
1820 all done, home 1840
OUT to Lil Caesars
home 1930
10-N,  pizza
*HOuse 7:14,15
bedroom 2115

29th--September, Sunday, Diary

Woken up twice in the night by Sunshine...
0930 shower (shave, brush teeth, wash hair)
deod't; 1/2 dress
0900  bs 181, 22uB
coffee by Stitch, n pills
0936 car to NCSL
Service 1000 to 1110
home 1120 BM, get Stitch in car
Drop Stitch in Torrance
Home 1252
NFL n newspaper
out to Taco Bell for Sunshine
1715 12uN
eat tacos n nachos
J: nap 1730
more football
*Young Sheldon
2200 bedroom

28th-September, Saturday, Diary

0835 Sunshine woke me up
BM, brush hair, changed Un
BS 156,  16-B
pills, Stitch made a pot of coffee
back to bedroom for
Texas Tech at OU (14-55)
NEW contacts in
other college football
Clemson vs NC  ...close
Ohio S vs Nebraska..NOT close
in living room
House 7:10-13
2100 10-N then
fried chicken n p chips
2200 bedroom 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

27th o September Friday, diary

1015  BM
BS 182, 10uN, PB n crackers
Pay Health ins, order Blue
cut meat for Merry, get mail and WWF
Help Sunshine in shower
1400 Babyman out with #2
1430 Sunshine out with Ly
Stitch home 1540
Merry home, 1610
groceries away
Merry talked to #2 OH MY HERE'S a Storm a-coming
House 7:9, Jeopardy
College football
10-N, Pork, gravy rice
2030 bedroom
Contacts out

P/BM summary
P 9
BM 3

26th o September, Thursday, Diary

Doc said, X-rays show NOT a break, but a contusion/bruise.
out 00:20, home 00:40
10-N, Pizza that was being delivered at the time she called me, last night
Help her food prep in kitchen
0145 bed
she slept on couch because she was afraid of the pain, getting up and down on the bed
0600 up to help her
1130 up  BS 168, 10-n
leftover pizza, 
Car with her to Walmart to get Norco prescription
1330 home
Nap to 1515
Up to help her with lunch, 
In bedroom....just noting
*NFL GB vs PHIL  to 2145
11uN  Jerry Brown's n PC
*MOM new
*Carol's 2nd Act, new
bedroom 2300 

P/BM summary
P  10
BM  2

25th o September, Wednesday, Diary

0840 shower, shave, bt, deod, dress in und
coffee, feed Dawg, pills, 
155, 22uB
rent check in outgoing mail box
0945 out with Merry
10:00 Rad clinic: x rays and tatoo markers 
then to main hospital, cat scan to  11:20
then to VZW store for new phone for Merry   1240
then to AAA but they had no connection to DMV, out 1305
Walmart and Mcdonalds 1340
(iced coffee n french fries)
home 1355  m096
Read, WWF

Merry, out to LAX to pick up P, 1830
1930 Merry called me, "I fell, and I think I broke my arm.."
2030 with P driving, they arrived at our house, I took over driving...took P to where she was staying with E
We went to Dignity Health St Mary Medical Center ... the waiting room looked like a sold out movie, with 2 or 3 single seats here and there, so we left
Long Beach Memorial...we drove by and saw the SRO in the waiting room and kept going
Lakewood Regional Medical Center: she checked in while i found parking
Intake 2130, taken in for xrays, then to examining 'bed' 2330

P/BM summary
P  10
BM  0